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When it comes to fishing line, few brands are as popular as Berkley Trilene. There’s Nothing Mysterious About Sunline’s Super Natural We try, as much as possible, when testing different rods and reels to delineate our line choices so our readers can extrapolate any pertinent information as it applies to their situations and how we’re using the tackle in question. If you pay attention to these details, you’ll have noticed the mention of Sunline Super Natural Nylon Monofilament quite often over the last few years. America’s Best Selling Fishing Line? Trilene XL If our previously reviewed Stren Original is the prototypical nylon monofilament, the subject of our next nylon monofilament line review is its twin. Berkley’s Trilene XL, now under the same parent company umbrella as Stren i. Pure Fishing is just as popular if not more so than Stren. Touted by Berkley as America’s best selling monofilament, it’s only natural that we follow up the previous review with a look at Trilene XL. The Baseline Nylon Monofilament:

Fishing Knots

King salmon tend to swim in the deepest part of the river, which is typically right down the center. In places like the Kenai River, this makes it very difficult for shore anglers to catch them. However, for the patient and experimental shoreline angler, there are many opportunities to catch kings. Fish for kings a couple hours before and after a tidal change.

You will have a belly in your fish line from where it enters the water to your release clip so much that the rod action will not set the hook like it is supposed to do if fishing shallower. And if the line is straight up & down, you are not moving at all.

We’ll start with this overview piece with diagrams on how to rig the plastics. We’ll follow up with underwater videos to show how the rigs look in the water and we’ll expand on these rigs with more advanced rigs in future pieces. But for now here are the five basic plastics rigs we think every bass angler should know. The Texas Rig The Basics – This is one of the first rigs most of learned for soft plastics when we started bass fishing. The rig is pretty simple and becomes second nature after you rig about 1, worms this way.

You start by piercing the hook point into the nose of the worm. Run the whole hook out the side until you get to the eyelet. As you approach the eyelet rotate the hook so the hook point is pointed back towards the body of the worm. Now lay the hook to the side of the worm keeping the worm straight. Make a mental note of where the bend of the hook intersects the bottom of the worm.

The rig is weedless and snagless if the plastic is covering the hook point.

How to Select a Circle Hook

Here are some factors to be considered when choosing your ideal fluorocarbon fishing line. The tensile strength is varying strength of fishing line available. The visibility is rated from low to high. The sensitivity is rated from low to high. The abrasion resistance is rated from low to high. Tensile Strength The tensile strength of the fluorocarbon fishing line or leader is determined by the rating strength.

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What, Why and How May 16, by Clint Losee One of the many items you probably have seen while browsing online or local fly shops is a great wall of leader and tippet material. Just what is a leader and how does tippet come into the equation though. Visit Front Range Anglers! Fly Fishing Leader and Tippet — The Basics In your fly fishing gear setup you have the fly rod , fly reel , fly line and flies.

How do you connect all of those trout-tempting flies to your line so that you can cast them out though? That is where the leader and tippet material come into play. The fly fishing leader and tippet are what provides a nearly invisible transition from the fly line to the fly. Fly fishing leader and tippet comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and even colors. The second main purpose of the leader and tippet is to complete the transfer of energy built up in the fly line through the casting stroke through the line and down to the fly so that your line rolls over and straightens itself out if a fairly straight line.

So with those two main purposes behind the fly line, leader and tippet manufacturers have produced a wide assortment of products to meet the demands placed on it. In the simplest terms, the leader is the main clear material that is connected to the end of your fly line. If you are familiar with conventional fishing methods, the leader is pretty much the same as the fishing monofilament used on your spinning or casting reel.

GoFish ‘GoPro for fishing’ camera attaches to a line to film underwater

This gives you the best image by automatically adjusting sonar settings as water conditions change. Designed by anglers for anglers, it reduces time spent on settings, giving you more time to fish. TripleShot lets you track baits, mark fish, identify structure under your boat and scan large areas around you.

Keep your rod tip up and tight lines. GOOD FISHING! Harinder Bassi For further information contact: #3 – Vanalman deadly trolling techniques have been proven to catch more fish, bigger fish, and a greater variety of fish. Since monofilament fishing line has a limited life span which.

Enter any tackle shop and you will find an overwhelming selection of fish hooks from which to choose. Remember the movie “Exorcist”? Jeez, what a scene that was! Is this plethora a fifty cent word meaning “a whole bunch” of fish hook styles simply manufacturer marketing? Perhaps a little, but much thought and testing has gone into the design of each shape and style. You’ll find fishing hooks with straight shanks, offset shanks and twisted shanks. There are wide-gap, octopus hooks and circle fishing hooks.

They come in thin wire, thick wire, weedless and wacky styles just to name a few. How do you know which is for what purpose? Well, they’re all intended for one thing. We all know what that is, to “hook a bass” by effectively penetrating their very tough mouths. How each hook style accomplishes this is what makes one style more effective than another with any given technique. Let’s look at the basics of fish hooks. Anatomy of a Hook Hook Point Styles The point penetrates the bass’ mouth and is manufactured in numerous variations.

How to Hook Live Bait

A touch would transmit itself up the rod, I would rear back, and nothing. Actually not always nothing. Sometimes a brief run, then nothing. I went down in hook-size to the point where it was nonsensical relative to the bait size. There were some good snapper down there, some of the hits were very solid indeed, and my fishing companion that day was landing fish – good fish. But I could not get a firm hook-set.

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Share this article Share He claims the only reason he wasn’t wearing the glasses was because it was raining and he’d taken them off for just a moment to wipe off the raindrops before forgetting to put them back on. Chris believes he could have easily lost his eye sight but it was the realisation that he could still see that helped him remain calm. Now he is urging others who go fishing to always wear protect glasses to avoid serious injury.

Everyone needs to wear eye protection when fishing. In the gruesome footage, a friend uses the string-yank technique to tease the hook back out of Chris’ flesh This incredible photo shows Chris and his team catching a swordfish before safely releasing it ‘I broke the rule and payed a price. I got lucky because it easily could have been way worse. Chris Sheeder, 45, with his year-old wife Elisa on their holiday in Alaska The removal technique requires the first-aider to press the eye of the hook parallel to the skin, before quickly yanking on the line while still applying pressure.

He was left with just a black eye and is thankful that the hook didn’t pierce even a centimetre lower as it could have made him blind.

One more step

New Hampshire Saltwater Fishing Chunk Bait Bottom Rig Setup To create a setup that will allow you to present cut bait herring, Atlantic mackerel, or clams to predatory fish patrolling the surf: Attach a 3-way swivel to the main line using a clinch knot To the bottom-facing swivel ring, tie a stretch of monofilament 1 to 3 feet To the end of this line, tie a pyramid sinker Tie your leader line and hook to the remaining swivel ring This configuration will allow the bait to remain near the bottom where the pyramid sinker is resting, but the swells and current will pull the chunk bait a few feet up in the water column.

By keeping the bait above the bottom, its movement imitates a swimming prey fish and helps to keep it out of reach of bottom-dwelling crabs and lobsters. When fishing around rocky shorelines, use a lower pound test monofilament than the main line and leader, so that in the event of a snag in a rock crevice, only the weight is lost and will need to be retied.

Helps keep crabs at bay. Tie a circle hook on your line, using a clinch knot.

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Luke Simonds on August 22, Get our best posts delivered straight to your inbox: Like Salt Strong on Facebook: Allow me to introduce you to one of the most misused and misunderstood saltwater fishing tactics known to man… The Swivel! We have received numerous questions from our online visitors and the private Salt Strong Facebook Group regarding the use of swivels on fishing leaders while inshore fishing.

And after hearing so many different questions and some horrible advice that accompanied in some of the comments , we knew we had to make this blog to clear up when and when not to use a swivel. Should I use a swivel? If so, where should I place the swivel on the leader assembly? If I use a swivel, what knots should I use to tie a swivel to a leader? Want to catch more inshore fish and be part of a tight-knit fishing club that guarantees your success? But there are certainly some instances where I believe swivels are necessary, so I absolutely always have at least one swivel in my tackle box at all times.

Here are the top 3 reasons not to use swivels while inshore fishing in my opinion. Swivels put the more fragile main line at risk of getting weakened Although the weight of most swivels is minimal, even the smallest amount of weight can cause the main line to drop lower than it would with a line to line knot which increases the odds of the lighter main line rubbing up against sharp objects on the bottom.

10 Best Fishing Hook Brands

Background Information and Facts Great Lakes King salmon King salmon are distinguished by their beautiful colors as well as their size. There are easily identifiable by their silver body, purplish head, and black spots. They have a thick black gum line and are carnivorous creatures with large sharp teeth. These fish are found in both salt and fresh waters. They range greatly in size but adults can be anywhere from feet in length.

Fishing Rigs There’s far more to tying fishing rigs than simply picking the right hook and weights. Expert anglers depend on different rig configurations to present baits and lures at a variety of depths, with varying actions, and in a manner that facilitates setting the hook without spooking the quarry.

Berkley Fireline Fishing Line is designed in such manner that enables the appropriate strength and durability which every seasoned fisherman wants. It is perfect for newbies who seek true confidence as it rarely loses a catch, as well as for professional anglers who fish for the profit. Have you ever lost a fish because a knot has failed you? If yes, then the Berkley Fireline Fishing Line can be the best solution for such problem.

With its incredible knot strength, this fishing line will prevent any knot failure and your catch will surely not break free. This product is designed to withstand the consistent use and it will surely spend many years in the water. The bead threading for this product is composed of durable gel fibers. This advantage eliminates the consistent problem of the torn or frayed threads, mainly a result of sharp-edged beads. Every bite, every tug, every wave will be felt, ensuring that the catch will hold on with the first taken bait.

Enhanced flexibility of the line allows the use in any water type, from the local ponds and the deep seas to the fly-fishing at the creeks Pros This Fishing Line is durable, long-lasting, and easy to thread. Product is versatile enough to be used for all types of fishing.

Proper Hook set Technique For Trout With a Fly Rod

Online Store Tying Fish Hooks – Snelling Fish Hooks Paul’s Fishing Kites have conducted extensive research on fish hook types, hook sizes, and the effects of tying fishing hooks versus snelling fishing hooks in the New Zealand snapper fishery. It was found that the type of fishing hook knots used has a significant effect on catch rates. Circle hooks with a snell knot were found to have the highest catch rate by a considerable margin and caught more than twice as many fish as either O’Shaugnessy and Octopus patterned hooks of the same size.

Circle hooks have to be snelled as shown to get the better catch rate. See the diagrams below on how to tie a fishing knot to attach the hook to the trace. Snelled fishing hooks Besides improved catch rates, the snell knot takes only seconds per hook to tie.

A better way to set up your in-line rig is by changing the sinker to an in-line swivel (a slender sinker with a swivel at each end) or chain sinker. You can then attach you leader and hook directly to the sinker.

Fluorocarbon Line Properties, Features and Benefits. The technical and chemical aspects of fluorocarbon fishing line are what allegedly makes it such a good choice for so many applications. It is a “single strand” polymer. It’s a bit like mixing eggs, sugar, milk and cake mix, putting it in the oven and, poof, you have a chocolate cake. Fluorocarbon line, however, is created by combining fluorine, hydrogen and carbon molecules. How do they do this? I have no idea! What I do know is that doing this creates a line that is dense and does not absorb water so it sinks and is abrasion resistant.

These are important features in numerous situations. It is also has the same refractive index as water. All the technical explanation about this feature aside we don’t really care about that do we? That we do care about! It’s the invisibility under water of fluorocarbon fishing line. That is what you usually hear is its “flagship” quality.

Top 5 Must-Know Knots

By Russ Bassdozer “Throughout my professional fishing career, the equipment has always been of prime importance to me. My wanting to fish with the best equipment possible, that’s really why I got started in my bait and tackle-making business. I’ve got a lot of confidence in my product line, not just the soft baits but the rods, line, hooks, jigs, spinnerbaits and buzzbaits that I produce, that I’ve got the best possible equipment being fished today,” says Gary Yamamoto. Essentially, I require two things, and I design it into my equipment:

The Texas rig is very simple way to set up your fishing line. Above we talk about a weightless worm being hooked Texas style. Above we talk about a weightless worm being hooked Texas style. To complete the Texas rig add a worm sinker to your line before you tie your hook on.

Monofilament Also called mono Most fishing line is made of nylon and is called “monofilament,” or mono for short. It comes on spools of various lengths that are called “tests. It is typically clear or green, and is a great all-purpose fishing line that can be used anywhere. Monofilament fishing lines can be a great stopgap for almost any fishing situation. As long as cover isn’t too abrasive or water clarity too extreme, simple mono-line is a great choice.

Mono-lines also make up the bulk of fishing lines used for spin-fishing and ultra light fishing. There are hundreds of brands on the market.

How to Setup/Rig/Tie a Fishing Bobber or Float! Quick And Easy!

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