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Blog home Back in black: Photo by scragz on Flickr. Mattias IA Eklundh ‘s Freak Guitar Camp attracts ambitious guitarists from Scandinavia and beyond, but back in , one odd couple stuck out. Can heavy metal be a metaphor for business? And how far could that metaphor go? Metallica performing in Istanbul. The Wealth of Nations it is not, but it is an entertainingly extended metaphor that has definitely struck a chord with the startup community; it was Sweden’s best-selling book in December, and sold 10, Swedish-language ebooks in the first two weeks of January alone. Did you ever hear a rock star talk about the key success factor being ‘focus on shareholder value creation’? We didn’t think so. In short, heavy metal management is all about doing your thing to the fullest, without looking in any other direction.

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He was a member of a local Black Metal band called Carpe Noctem and was desperately in love with 27 year old medical assistant Bianca Brust. Unfortunately for Matthias, Bianca did not reciprocate his love. Try as he did, Bianca kept repeatedly turning him down, breaking his Black Metal heart each time. As had happened each time before, Bianca showed up only to break his Black Metal heart again.

Somewhere in that desperate struggle to impress her, as Bianca once again pushed him away, things got out of control resulting in a struggle out of which Matthias Schoormann came out as a winner — no shit with his size and strength advantages. Matthias Schoormann strangled Bianca Brust to death. As her body lay there lifeless, he decided to do what would have resulted in Bianca giving him a finger had he suggested it before. It was a well known fact that Matthias had a collection of weapons, including swords and machetes but what he used to behead Bianca and whether he struggled as much with the spine as we see in near every beheading video may never be known.

From the photos it would seem that the decapitation was fairly flawless and not much messing around took place. He either got lucky by finding the right spot quickly or knew what to do. Strangely enough, police investigation into the case confirmed that no post mortem coitus took place. All Matthias did was play with her body as he was posing her up, but never fucked her not in the snatch, not in the pooper, not even in the mouth of that severed head.

Maybe he felt distracted by neighbors walking up and down the hallways?

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Right after college I accepted a dream position as a publicist for some of the most well respected and hardcore metal bands of all time. Opportunities arose where meeting legends in the metal music community became my reality. Let the arguing and backlash begin. I can take it… 1 Black Sabbath Black Sabbath are often cited as pioneers of heavy metal music. Metallica has been listed as one of the greatest artists of all time by many magazines, including Rolling Stone Magazine, which ranked them 61st on its list of The Greatest Artists of All Time.

The band is widely recognized as one of the finest and most original heavy metal bands of all time, with many artists within the genre having cited them as a major influence. Between and , the band sold more than 3. They also have been influential to the development of nu metal, metalcore, and several other movements.

The group was considered one of the leaders of the thrash metal scene during the s. AFC is a high energy metal band with extremely melodic roots. Formed in and disbanded in ; Now reformed in with the complete original lineup.

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She dresses like a hooker, flips people off, and publicly talks about her sexuality in the most awkward ways possible. That’s not called metal; that’s called being a year old that grew up with liberal parents. Her music is pop rock at best, but she sports an Iron Maiden shirt in an interview, and all of the sudden she’s metal?

I don’t think so — though I will give her props for her killer shoes.

The Studio Collection – Remastered. Maiden’s acclaimed remasters get the CD Digipak treatment. Read More.

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Largely written out of the ‘official’ history of grunge, as their roots as a heavy metal band met with disapproval from the tastemakers at Sub Pop Records and their lackeys, Alice In Chains paved the way for the success of hipper peers Nirvana and Pearl Jam when their debut album Facelift racked up one million US sales ahead of the release of Nevermind and Ten.

Available Heavy Metal MP3 Web Sites MySpace Artists have recognized the power of social networking sites for connecting with long-time fans while also attracting new listeners. Browse through the metal listings or search for your favorite band. Even if a band doesn’t offer downloads, the MySpace streaming player is a great way to sample new music. While it doesn’t offer the focused heavy metal selection of some sites, eMusic can help you find great bands that haven’t made it into the mainstream along with popular acts on smaller labels.

With a 25 download free trial offer, it doesn’t cost anything to give the site a try. Other Sites Look for individual band web sites.

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