Manufacture date for Yamaha fg 403s Serial # QJM 167628


Olympic Special electric solidbody Introduction: Epiphone was a family business established in as “the House of Stathopoulo” by Anastasios Stathopoulo, a greek violin maker. In they incorporated and at this time made mostly high quality and fancy banjos. In the name was changed to “Epiphone” after Epi Stathopoulo, president of the company and one of the founder’s sons. In the ‘s, the company changed its emphasis to guitars. Epiphone was the only banjo company to successfully switch to guitar production. Conn Company’s a band instrument manufacturer Orphie got Epiphone distribution rights moved.

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And even the casual music fan will find a thrilling narrative that weaves together cultural history, musical history, race, politics, business case studies, advertising, and technological discovery. In Play It Loud, veteran music journalists Brad Tolinski and Alan di Perna bring the history of this iconic instrument to roaring life. It’s a story of inventors and iconoclasts, of scam artists, prodigies, and mythologizers as varied and original as the instruments they spawned.

Play It Loud uses twelve landmark guitars—each of them artistic milestones in their own right—to illustrate the conflict and passion the instruments have inspired. It introduces Leo Fender, a man who couldn’t play a note but whose innovations helped transform the guitar into the explosive sound machine it is today.

Aug 06,  · Standard Epiphone and Gibson guitars have an open-book headstock, but Elitist models have a more curved style dating back to the Epiphone Masterbilt series of guitars. The Elitist series was discontinued in

Ennis, Clare, Ireland There has been a bit of interest in this guitar so, rather than keep hijacking another thread, I thought it should have its own. It’s the one on the right: Although it looks like a style body it is actually hollow, like a , and has no f-holes. The binding is muti-ply, similar to a Note the bound tortoiseshell pickguard too. It has a nice, wide neck with a rosewood fingerboard and big pearl block inlays.

There are master volume and tone controls, a slide switch that selects either pickup – but not both, and the five “Tonexpressor” switches. I’d love to tell you exactly how they work but I’m still trying to work them out myself! I’d also love to tell you what’s under that panel but Epiphone decided to keep it a mystery. Yes, they screened the whole thing in foil and I’m in no hurry to undo it unless something goes wrong.

There is a schematic available somewhere, probably in Brosnac’s book but I can tell you that the switches are quite interactive and can be used in any combination. I think the concept was developed by Seth Lover from the idea of tone selector switches used on the Emperor Zephyr Regent models of the ’50s for use initially on the Epiphone Professional introduced in

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Go to menu top I never heard anything better than a Fender if we’re talking about the big manufacturers. Later on, in the Guitar section, I’ll also talk about Standel and EchoSonic , but they’re produced in such small numbers that it’s fair to say they’ll only have historic interest to the most of us So As long as you get a tube Fender you’ll probably be on the right track, because they all sound pretty good.

It doesn’t have to be vintage at all, but they do look pretty cool. Actually I started out playing a vintage Vox AC 30 and it wasn’t bad at all.

Dating National guitars – Discussion Forums – Reso Hangout Discussion Forum. Want to hide these but that serial number doesn’t correspond with what is listed in the book.

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The device allows musicians to bend the pitch of notes or entire chords with their pick hand for various effects. The Bigsby was the first successful design of what is now called a whammy bar or tremolo arm, although vibrato is the technically correct term for the musical effect it produces. In standard usage, tremolo is a rapid fluctuation of the volume of a note, while vibrato is a fluctuation in pitch.

The Bigsby vibrato unit is installed on the top of the guitar and works in conjunction with a rocker bridge.

SERIALIZATION ADAMAS For Adamas serialization, please see the Ovation serialization. Alvarez Yairi guitars can be dated by the number stamped onto the back of the heel. The number is based on the Emperor of Japan at the time the guitar was built. The first two numbers represent the number dating individual instruments. The objective.

Instrument courtesy of George Gruhn. The archtop guitar is a uniquely American instrument which can be traced directly to the creative genius of one person — Orville Gibson. Upon first inspection, this Gibson appears to be an L-5 neck on a Super body. It is also very likely a prototype of the Super , as it precedes the introduction of that model by several months. Though it appears to be the earliest f-hole guitar with this body size and shape, Gibson would have had forms for it dating back to oval-soundhole instruments built by Orville.

The Advanced models not only had a larger body, but fancier Art Deco ornamentation with flashy inlays and bold bindings. Gibson records indicate it was shipped to Coy Davison on September 6, Though this instrument has been modified significantly from its original specs, the changes were made at Gibson not long after the instrument was produced. Prototypes were viewed as experimental, and as a result were frequently modified in the course of testing. Quite a few salesman samples — and a surprising number of instruments — were shipped and returned several times, some were even reconditioned prior to being re-sold.

Special thanks to Andre Duchossoir and Lynn Wheelwright. This article originally appeared in VG January issue. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine.

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Guitar Player December Letters to the editor; Guitaring; Questions; It’s New. VG condition, mailing label on back. VG condition, mail label back cover..

Timeline A chronology of Epiphone instruments. This timeline provides a chronology of milestones, developments and changes related to Epiphone instruments over the years to

Blue Royale Collection Epiphone presents the new Ltd. Blue Royale Collection featuring six historic Epiphone models in a beautiful new Chicago Blue Pearl color finish along with distinctive “Royale” style Silver Sparkle binding. Each Blue Royale instrument features superb Epiphone pickups and electronics along with the rock solid hardware you’ve come to expect from Epiphone.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll find in the exclusive Blue Royale Collection. Epiphone’s long friendship with legendary guitarist and innovator Les Paul dates back to the early ‘s when Les, working late at night at the Epiphone factory on 14th Street in New York City, created one of the world’s first solid-body electric guitars, nicknamed “The Log. Wildkat Blue Royale features the timeless Wildkat profile made from Mahogany with a Maple top and classic Epiphone styled f-holes.

The neck has a beautiful Rosewood fingerboard with pearloid ‘dot’ inlays and 22 medium jumbo frets. The body has Royale-style Silver Sparkle binding on the front and single layer Silver Sparkle binding on the neck.


Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another Mississippi Son Guitars blog! He purchased it used sometime before World War 2 when he was in the Air Force. Paw Paw is the fine gentlemen standing in the upper right. I was very careful opening the case and shook a little at first because it was just so beautiful. What a gourgeous guitar! I asked him if he wanted to trade I had a Fender DG6 at the time and he just laughed.

The new Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor-II PRO honors the “President of Bebop Guitar” and one of the most prolific and groundbreaking electric guitarists in the history of Jazz. The Joe Pass Emperor-II PRO is a true archtop guitar with classic bracing and features Epiphone’s critically acclaimed new ProBucker pickups with coil-splitting plus the new Graphtech NuBone XL s: 2.

Nice heavy-bodied guitar with great sustain, black high-gloss paint, sharktooth-inlays. Very elongated body, much longer than a standard-strat style. Floyd-licensed black whammy WITH bar! Epiphone Zephyr Sunburst Epiphone Zephyr Master pickup, all-original, has the cool handrest-tapered pickguard although it’s showing its age. Original carousel-style control knobs on the MasterVoicer volume-tone controls.

Great condition for its 66 years age. Very comfortably rounded neck, not a v-neck. Low frets as usual, almost no wear on them! I’ll throw in a new pair of Ernie Ball nickels in. Original Tone Spectrum Deluxe single-coil pickup. I wasn’t sure about the rosewood bridge but the former owner insisted it was the original one. Appears to have been very professionally refretted with medium frets which show little wear.

Epiphone Elitist club

Are you seeking reliable information and or the evaluation of your vintage guitar’s actual real world value today? We can send a quick Paypal invoice to you for this E-Appraisal and get started The Original hardware is still there and is still working well, The orig Kluson tuners are here,all 3-staggered pole black bottomed yellow stamped original pickups are here and sounding better than ever,..

This guitar does come with its Vintage Hard Shell Case as well and is in prety nice shape too

Friends & Dating. Friends Only. Girls Seeking Guys. Guys Seeking Girls. Girls Seeking Girls. Guys Seeking Guys. Home & Garden. Appliances. EPIPHONE EMPEROR VS $ Craigie Rd, Mount Martha VIC , Australia. Sunburst jazz guitar 17 inch body. 30 years old Made in KOREA. 2 .

Fantastic no prefix serial number, mahogany neck. Want to hide these Contact National Resophonic Guitars directly A Brief History of Valco. The National-branded guitars were available in a dark Notecannons – Vintage National and Dobro guitars, ukuleles From approximately to the National Dobro Corporation made resonator mechanically amplified guitars, mandolins,ukuleles and other instruments, all based on The strings that came with it had a wound second string and it just felt way to alien, and didn’t lend itself to slide playing.

I used the top half of a John Pearse resophonic set and the bottom three of an Electric baritone set, and with those the guitar was good. National Resophonic headstock serial numbers – ProBoards national guitar serial number – promiseskeptfoundation.

Jonathan Stout playing our Epiphone Emperor at Norman’s Rare Guitars

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