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Vintage Ukuleles, Repairs, Japanese, Mahogany This page could be better described as “less famous vintage ukes. There is already a great deal of informantion about the old Martin, Favilla, Gretch, Gibson, Lyon and Healy ukuleles and they are all now expensive and hard to find. In contrast, there are lots of very good old ukuleles on ebay. These ukuleles are usually in need of minor repairs that can be done at home. Since these ukes have a variety of names even though the manufacturer was the same you will have to look on line at various uke sites as well as ebay to be able to recognise the ukes without regard to the brand name. The ukuleles to be discussed are mainly those manufactured before Mostly they were made in Chicago and New York but some very nice ones were made in Japan. The ukuleles made in Hawaii are desired by collectors of Hawaiian memorabilia as well as by ukulele players and so again the price is high. Some ukuleles made in Japan for Hawaiian tourists may be cheaper and are good quality but are quite unlike the real Hawaiian ukes.

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Coral Springs, FL Well, it’s not really true paper thin veneer. Been there, done that, and never again. It’s like a 2 by 2 piece possibly a bit bigger , and I have some funky grain possibilities, depending on how I cut it; I went through all of the pieces at Lowes to pick this one out.

Uncle Freddy’s Frailers. likes. No one else in the world makes banjos like these! Uncle Freddy (AKA Fred Carlson) is finally getting into banjo.

Y Fix Corner Cupboard Discover free woodworking plans and projects for fix corner cupboard. This corner cabinet is in superb condition and is of a very solid construction. The main body of the corner cupboard i More woodworking videos on Here is a “how-to” video to repair worn cabinetry Pocket Hole Corner Cabinet – Free plans: Subscribe for new videos every week. This pocket hole corner cabinet is the last installment for the projects going to my relative. Here’s how you can show your support: Shirts – Contribute with the donate button on the bottom of my website – Social links Cabinets Around The House: Fix a crooked kitchen cabinet door with help from a kitchen cabinet professional in this free video clip.

Jory Jensen has worked for the largest custom cabinet shop in Northern Utah for more than 12 yea

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In the great housing boom of the s, black and Latino homeownership has surged to the highest level ever recorded. The number of African Americans owning their own home is now increasing nearly three times as fast as the number of whites; the number of Latino homeowners is growing nearly five times as fast as that of whites. These numbers are dramatic enough to deserve more detail. By this spring, those figures had jumped to Since , when the numbers really took off, the number of black and Latino homeowners has increased by 2 million.

In all, the minority homeownership rate is on track to increase more in the s than in any decade this century except the s, when minorities joined in the wartime surge out of the Depression.

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We will not attempt to repeat this information here, and the reader is encouraged to visit and read all about the choices. That said, there remain some details on buying, mixing, and using hide glue, and alternate glues, that might be of use to both the experienced and less experienced restorer. Firstly, we should note that hide glue is not the same thing as food grade gelatin, which in fact is made from bone.

It is intended to EAT, not glue things up, and is unstable compared to hide glue. So we are looking for real hide glue, with numerous vending opportunities for you to buy from. Where you buy it will depend on where you live, but a thorough Internet search will turn up a good supplier with 15 minutes of work. Some possibilities are listed later in this article. In general, hide glue is purchased by gram weight.

This refers to the Bloom gelometer figure of merit, named for O. Under carefully controlled conditions, a plunger is lowered into chilled and gelled glue, and the weight needed to reach a given set depression recorded. That weight defines the gram strength. Much can go into a final bond strength though, so this is not a hard and fast rule. But in general, for gluing in a wrest plank you probably want a high gram-strength glue, and for putting leather on a hammer, perhaps something easier to handle is best.

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Ann Arbor, MI gagidlof said: What are the benefits of one over the other? I’m not Gil, but studying and experimenting with glues and adhesives is another point I’ve probably spent too much time on Yes, we probably do need to each need to see a good doctor.

Got an old record you don’t need? this is how to fashion it into a bowl, very cool.

Early uses[ edit ] Animal glue has existed since ancient times, although its usage was not widespread. Glue deriving from horse tooth can be dated back nearly years, but no written records from these times can prove that they were fully or extensively utilized. Between — BC, it was used for wood furnishings and mural paintings, found even on the caskets of Egyptian Pharaohs.

Records indicate that one of the essential components of lampblack ink was proteinaceous glue. Ox glue and stag-horn glues bound particles of pigments together, acting as a preservative by forming a film over the surface as the ink dried. They occasionally used hide glue as paint to achieve patterns after applying pigments and tanning to hides. The Assiniboins preferred longer hair, so they would plaster the strands with a mixture of red earth and hoof glue. Davis company thrived producing animal glue during the Great Depression after shifting its focus from stenciling, selling to local box makers and other users; L.

Davis’ animal glue formula for bookbinding remains in production. The advent of synthetic adhesives heralded the collapse of the animal glue industry. Modern uses[ edit ] Today, animal glues are sparsely industrialized, but still used for making and restoring objects, paintings, illuminated parchment manuscripts, and other artifacts. Hide glue is also preferred by many luthiers over synthetic glues for its reversibility, creep-resistance and tendency to pull joints closed as it cures.

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Originally Posted by ruff1 Speaking of painting, I bought preformed cowls from Parkflyer plastics. I need to determine what kind of primer or base to use. The color is navy, which proceeds the width of the nacelle all the way back and on to the flap. I haven’t bought the navy paint yet, this will follow after maiden. I welcome any feedback on this, I need to keep the same paint to go on both the foam and the cowl so they match. I checked up on the shortcuts paint, looks like it will work well on the plastic.

For unusual glue ups where you don’t want to use a brad or other mechanical fastener use a drop of CA glue inside your regular glue joint to hold things in place while your Titebond or other glue sets.

Building a cigar box guitar is not difficult, because anything you do is OK. There are no rules. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish to make it. Today’s creations are often more complex, but the basic concept is the same. So, let’s get started. CBG Building Steps Determine the basic design and style of the guitar you wish to build 3- or 4-string. Choose the cigar box you will use check out your local smoke shop or go to eBay.

Determine tuners that will best fit your needs available at your local music store or on eBay. I generally use 1×2 inch oak available at Lowes. Determine design of string retainers on the tailstock holes drilled in the tailstock, or an attachment which will retain the strings. Determine tuner positions and drill holes in the headstock. Finish shape and sand the neck. Stain or paint the neck if that is your intention.

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August 09, , After that, it may or may not hold. So, how do you know how old the glue was when you bought it?

Great for dating your special basket @ $ ea. Stool Frames. Footstool Frames; Smaller Oak Footstool: We recommend using Titebond Woodworker’s Glue. The back is drilled for medium cane. Can be stained or painted. Carry it around easily. One step – enough to make you “just that much taller”.

It’s time I put together some photo’s and document the method to my madness, modifications. The back story; I purchased the truck in August of after a polite conversation with the U-Haul folks. Jasper rebuilds Engines and Transmissions, are nationwide and warranty their rebuilds for K or 3 years. The only surprise I’ve had is the Catalytic converter had a hole in it and needed replaced and a small water leak from a roof bolt.

The converter is fixed but I think water sometimes runs uphill I’ve got about miles on the new to me tranny. After they want me to bring it in for new fluid and filter to satisfy the warranty. The truck continues to put a smile on my face driving down the road.

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Classical Guitar Instruction Likewise, if your maintenance and repair will be on the go at rehearsals or at home in your room–i. A toolbox is bulkier and prone to banging instruments and denting them. Wire Cutters A wire cutter is a compact tool that safely cuts wires with ease and quickness. It is an essential tool for changing strings. After you put new strings on, you must use wire cutters to remove excess wire.

Aug 29,  · For the center get some bolts washers and wingnuts to tighten the bridge down with some Titebond glue. Elmers wood glue will work. Be sure to sand all the old glue off each side first.

References History[edit] Hoof glue was widely used throughout human history. The oldest known bow was 10, years old and made using hoof glue. Hoof glues have been used for things like stiffening bow strings, adhering fabric to wood, stiffening fabric, creating thin lacquers to protect valuable objects Feugere ,[1] as well as sealing glass into frames, and sealing ceramic containers to name just a few.

Hoof glue is still used today in cabinetry and other fine woodworking projects where the joints must be extremely fine if not invisible. An acid is then added to create a thick gel. The resultant product is then cooled and allowed to harden. Usage[edit] The storable form of hoof glue is a hard block of resin-like material. To use it one would break off a suitably sized chunk and mix it with hot water and allow it to melt. Once melted it can be simmered to reduce to the appropriate thickness and then applied to the object in question.

Very thin glue can be used as a resin coating to stiffen and strengthen cordage, such as chair backs and seats.

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