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Ancient[ edit ] The Multan region has been continuously inhabited for at least 5, years. According to Hindu mythology, Multan was founded by the Hindu sage Kashyapa. During the siege of the city’s citadel, Alexander leaped into the inner area of the citadel, [18] where he killed the Mallians’ leader. Arabic and Sindhi were spoken in both cities, [28] though the inhabitants of Multan were reported by Estakhri to also have been speakers of Persian , [27] reflecting the importance of trade with Khorasan.

Polyglossia rendered Multani merchants culturally well-suited for trade with the Islamic world. The Qarmatians had been expelled from Egypt and Iraq following their defeat at the hands of the Abbasids there. Qarmatians zealots had famously sacked Mecca , [30] and outraged the Muslim world with their theft and ransom of the Kaaba ‘s Black Stone , and desecration of the Zamzam Well with corpses during the Hajj season of CE. The shrine of Shamsuddin Sabzwari dates from , and has a unique green dome.

The Mausoleum of Shah Ali Akbar dating from the s was built in the regional style that is typical of Multan’s shrines.

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It is one of the main cities in the Southern Punjab province of Pakistan. The city has been a focal point for many religions, in particular becoming a central abode for Sufism , the mystical side of Islam. The city has attracted Sufi saints from far places of the globe. Today, Multan is known as the ‘City of Sufis’.

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Bilingual inscription in Devnagri and Farsi scripts Image Credit: Williams Jackson’s From Constantinople to the Home of Omar Khayyam There are twenty inscriptions embedded in the the stone walls of the complex. Eighteen are in the Nagari Devnagri script, one is in Punjabi using the Gurumukhi script and one is a bilingual inscription in Sanskrit and Persian. The Devnagri portion of the bilingual inscription is dedicated to Lord Ganesh and Jvala-ji.

It is dated Samvat CE. Atashi saf kesheedhe hamchun dak Jeeye bovani reside ta baudak Sal-e no nozl mobarak baad goft Khaneh shod ru sombole sane-ye The translation is:

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The aspirants seeking admission in Govt Emerson College on Monday protested against the administration for forcing them not to adopt regional languages Punjabi and Seraiki as compulsory or optional subjects. The majority of students prefer Punjabi and Seraiki languages balancing their marks sheet and adopt subjects with the combination of others in BA third year.

It is surprising to note the Emerson College is the first institution in Multan to start classes in Punjabi in

Multan (help · info) (Punjabi/Urdu: مُلتان) is a city in the Punjab Province of Pakistan and capital of Multan is located in the southern part of the province. Multan District has a population of over million—according to census—and the city itself is the sixth largest within the boundaries of

History[ edit ] Map showing the sites and extent of the Indus Valley Civilisation. Harappa was the center of one of the core regions of the Indus Valley Civilization, located in central Punjab. The Harappan architecture and Harappan Civilization was one of the most developed in the old Bronze Age. A number of other sites stretching from the Himalayan foothills in east Punjab , India in the north, to Gujarat in the south and east, and to Pakistani Balochistan in the west have also been discovered and studied.

Although the archaeological site at Harappa was damaged in [6] when engineers constructing the Lahore – Multan railroad as part of the Sind and Punjab Railway , used brick from the Harappa ruins for track ballast , an abundance of artifacts have nevertheless been found. As early as Harappa, located in west Punjab, attracted the attention of a British officer in India, who gets credit for preliminary excavations in Harappa. Culture and economy[ edit ] The Indus Valley civilization was mainly an urban culture sustained by surplus agricultural production and commerce, the latter including trade with Sumer in southern Mesopotamia.

Both Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa are generally characterized as having “differentiated living quarters, flat-roofed brick houses, and fortified administrative or religious centers. The weights and measures of the Indus Valley Civilization, on the other hand, were highly standardized, and conform to a set scale of gradations. Distinctive seals were used, among other applications, perhaps for identification of property and shipment of goods.

Although copper and bronze were in use, iron was not yet employed.

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It has a diverse geography blended with rich cultures and a long tradition of hospitality mirrored by the people of the country. There is no other country in the world presenting more prospects to trace roots of modern-day humans than Pakistan. Tracing its history back from the years old Neolithic and bronze age Mehergarh civilization followed by the years old Indus Valley Civilization , the years old Gandhara Civilization, the 16th century Mughal Era, The brief Sikh rule, and the years British occupation, until independence in , Pakistan has seen unprecedented events that no other independent sovereign state might have gone through.

Provinces and territories The country has four provinces — Sindh, Baluchistan, Punjab, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa — and three territories — FATA, Kashmir, and Gilgit-Baltistan — surrounding a well-planned modern capital city, Islamabad, located in the heart of the state. Hosting a nation of more than million people, the , square kilometers , square miles state is bordered by China to the northeast, India to the southeast, the Arabian Sea to the south, Iran to the southwest, and Afghanistan to the northwest.

The country is almost accessible by road from every country bordering Pakistan.

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Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Mangoes form a large portion of Multan’s agricultural export market. Multan is a commercial and industrial centre, as it is connected with the rest of the country through rail and air including the other industrial hubs such as Lahore, Karachi, Gujranwala, Quetta, and Faisalabad. Industries include fertiliser, cosmetics, glass manufacturing, cotton production and processing, large textile units, flour mills, sugar and oil mills, and large-scale power generation projects.

It is famous for its handicrafts carpets and ceramics and cottage industries. Roughly 1, acres 7. Trees grown in the area are Kikar, Shisham, and mulberry. Large, irregular suburbs have grown outside the old walled town, and two satellite towns have been set up. The mangoes of Multan district are well-known.

Multani khussa traditional shoes , embroidery on dresses for women and men, furniture and other wooden products, earthenware pottery, painted pottery, camel-skin ware, surgical instruments, and carpets are a few of the major exports, with a great demand in the country as well. Multan is an important agricultural centre. Wheat, cotton, and sugarcane are the main crops grown in the district. Moreover, rice, maize, tobacco, bajra, moong lentils , mash lentils , masoor lentils , oil seeds such as rapeseed, mustard, and sunflower are grown in minor quantities.

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Offices, Police Stations and Emergency Services. You can locate all those places on Google Map too. This App gives you easy sharing option to share places with your friends.

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Today we are going to explore some famous places of Punjab province. This is well known for its virility, vibrant landscape along with atmosphere skill fully serene along with clean up. Its rich waters are already lifespan in which quickly scans the blogosphere over the ages. Its woods have got shared wind in which smelled simply by Immortals like Heer- Ranjha, Mahiwal-Sohni along with Sahiban-Mirza testimonies. Punjab has become the actual eager associated with Buddha and the roaming associated with Master Nanak, on the lookout for the truth.

His or her area has retained the actual tricks with the people with the Indus Valley across the Indus River inside Harappa and many other undiscovered. Tranquil rich waters shout below, make sure you remember the actual gusts of wind along with down pours whisper recognize how moving Wednesday Before long. Right here all of us will show the actual sites to find out you skill to help have the beauty along with grandeur associated with nearly all regions of the actual Punjab.

Taxila A vital location associated with ancient Gandhara as well as an area in which lit the actual Buddha along with among the major archaeological sites on this planet has nowadays. The actual wrecks associated with Taxila, scattered regarding 40 kilometres from Rawalpindi, characterize the actual historic benefit of greater than years around B. This area provides the reverence of getting the best University with the planet recognized from in which ancient period offering topics such as regulation, treatments, artwork, for example inside Taxila, a number of sites tend to be scattered in an region in which insures large; Bhir clump, Dharmarajika, Buddhist Stupa along with monastery.

On the other hand, should find metropolis associated with Sirsukh is still, the actual retreat with the double-headed bald eagle, the actual Jandial Forehead, this town and the monastery associated with Sirsukh Buddhist Jaulian, Taxila Public for example is famous for its artefacts, Gandhara, any exceptional blend of Ancient Greek along with Buddhist artwork. This memorial boasts a collection of ancient money, products, diamond jewellery; toys along with ceramics indicate the actual highlights with the lifestyle with the ancient Taxila.

Harappa The actual the world with the Indus Valley insures nearly all the complete region in which Pakistan is there nowadays.

Top 10 Historical Tombs, Forts And Mosques Of Multan – The City Of Saints And Sufism

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